Merchant of the Month: May 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mr Teng’s Fruit Stall

Owner: Mr Teng Teck Chung,


Owner Profile: Mr Teng has been in the fruits business for over 40 years. Starting out his current stall at Tampines N2 around 32 years ago, his stall has come a long way since. When we spoke to Mr Teng, we could tell that he was very experienced in his knowledge of the various fruits, and the various regions that they can be found in. Spending some time speaking to Mr Teng allowed us to learn more about fruits ourselves.

Mr Teng was also passionately telling us about the rare fruits in his stall and some of their beneficial properties.


Shop Profile: Mr Teng’s Fruit Stall is the stall to go to for all your fruits. It is opened from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Besides the usual fruits, they also sell some rare fruits and some even have certain health benefits. The owner has great knowledge in fruits, and what health benefits they can provide.



Looking back, how has your journey been over the years and how do you run your stall now?

It wasn’t easy when we first started out, and I am proud that till this day we are still able to keep this business running well. Because we have been here for so many years, we know most of our customers, and they trust us to bring them the best quality of fruits. Many customers take their health into consideration when buying our fruits, and it us our goal to help them in that aspect.

I have four staff currently, and we work seven days a week. The fruit business is a never ending one. In every season, everyday, there will be people wanting to buy fruits. We always aim to bring in the highest grade of fruits for our customers to enjoy. Besides whole fruits, we also sell cut fruits that are ready to eat, for our customers convenience.


What are some of the rare fruits that are sold in your stall?

Firstly, seasonally, we have the Red Tasmanian Cherry from Reid Fruits. These tasty cherries are straight out of Tasmania Australia. They are bigger than your average cherry, and as for the taste, well, you will have to take a taste to believe it.

Next up, we have Golden Peaches that are also from Tasmania, Australia. We have White Honeydews that are especially fresh and sweet, from China.

Finally we would like to introduce our rare Yellow Dragon Fruit, also known as the ‘yellow pitahaya’. It is very rarely seen, and has many health boosting properties. It is a real gem. Everyone should try it out.


Please tell us more about this Yellow Dragon Fruit.

The Yellow Dragon Fruit is a member of the cactus family. It tastes like a mixture of melon and kiwi. This fruit helps to cleanse your digestive system. It is also a rich source of Vitamin B and C, as well as containing calcium, phosphorus and iron. All these are very beneficial for the body. Yellow Dragon Fruit also helps to slow down the body’s aging process, and it helps to remove toxins in our digestive system, improving our metabolic system. This in turn helps with better weight management, and even dieting.

In addition, Yellow Dragon Fruit helps us with our cholesterol level, it helps to stabilize the blood sugar content for diabetics, and it also controls the inflammation of the joints in relation to arthritis. Having so many health benefits in one fruit, shouldn’t everyone give it a try?



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