Merchant of the Month: July 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Merchant of the Month: July 2015

New City Electrical Trading

Owner: Mr Richard Teh,


Owner Profile: Mr Teh has been selling electrical appliances for over 30 years. His shop, New City Electrical Trading, started at Tampines N2 around 32 years ago, and it has come a long way since. Mr Teh has much experience in electrical appliances, and can speak about them in detail. He is also up to date with the newer appliances that come out with advancement in technology.

Mr Teng was patient and showed us many different of his products.


Shop Profile: New City Electrical Trading is your one stop electrical applicance provider. It is opened from 11am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Their electrical product range includes Karaoke Sets, TVs, Lights, Fridges, Washing Machines, and even Stoves. There really is something for everyone at New City Electrical Trading.



Tell us more about your shop?

We have been around many years, most of our customers are our regulars. They have been buying from us for years, and know that we are honest, and provide quality service.

I have seven to eight staff currently, and we work seven days a week. I have 4 indoor staff and the rest are either on rotation or are outside doing deliveries. We are a neighbourhood shop, and we try our best to provide the best service, especially to our long time customers. Occasionally when customers do not know which brand to buy, I sit down with them and bring them through some of the differences of each, to help them make their decision.


What makes your shop different from others?

We have the experience, being in the business for so long. We also provide services like delivery and even installation, which not every shop provides. We are also able to provide on average a 10-20% discount over the bigger shops. There are times where our customers go to the big shops and study which product they want, and then come to my shop to ask how much am I selling it. Quite often, my prices are cheaper, and thus I can help my customers save some money.





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