6 Super- Simple Ways to Be a Successful Shopkeeper

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

An excerpt from Secrets of Successful Resalers, one of TGtbT.com Products for the Professional Resaler.

by Auntie Kate

1. Instead of a hook in the dressing room, install a short (18″ to 24″) sturdy brass curtain rod to hang possibilities on. It’s easier for the customer to see her selections and to keep them neat.

2. Open 10 minutes earlier than your stated hours and close 10 minutes late. There’s nothing more irate than a potential customer with an inaccurate watch.

3. Offer layaway. It saves a sale when an enthusiastic customer gets carried away; it engenders a return trip which should result in more buying; and it shows your concern for customer convenience and service. Layaways are well worth the space and the minimal extra bookkeeping.

4.Pay consignors in cash whenever possible. It motivates them into coming in more often, bringing more items and creating traffic. Cash is more readily spent if it’s in hand. Plus, paying a consignor in cash will impress eavesdropping customers and prompt then to become suppliers too.

5. Don’t have a clock visible to shoppers. It will only remind them that time flies, and they’ll stop having fun. . . and buying!

6. Get your business noticed on the #1 Google result for consignment shopping: List your shop on the Clickable Map & Directory as a Sponsor of HowToConsign.com, hang your Sponsor Certificate of Honor in your shop’s foyer, use your professional alliance in advertising. Let current & potential clients know they are dealing with a Successful Shop!


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